Honeybee Robotics Joins New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard

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Facility in New Lab’s design and fabrication hub will create opportunities for collaboration, product development and next-generation manufacturing

Honeybee Robotics is opening a new facility at New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a collaborative facility for companies engaged in innovative design and manufacturing. The move brings Honeybee Robotics into a growing community of designers and manufacturers that will provide new avenues for the company to develop advanced robotic systems, and scale production to create high-impact products.

“Honeybee Robotics has always been focused on developing and deploying new technologies, from the day we started in 1983,” said Steve Gorevan, chairman and co-founder of Honeybee Robotics. “Since then, the city has experienced a surge of interest in new technology development and advanced manufacturing, with the Navy Yard acting as both a home and a catalyst. We are thrilled to be joining the community that New Lab is building, which includes a world-class group of talent and creativity.”

“Locating our new facility at New Lab in the Navy Yard will help us fulfill our goal to bring revolutionary robotics and automation products to market faster,” said Kiel Davis, president of Honeybee Robotics. “New Lab is a nexus of creative engineers, designers, and new manufacturing technologies, which gives us the ability to take a design all the way to commercial-scale production. And being even closer with research and academic communities, such as the MetroTech Center, will help foster collaboration with scientists and engineers. All these factors will help us commercialize high-tech products and in turn reinvigorate manufacturing in New York City.”

New Lab, a project developed by Macro Sea, includes more than 80,000 square feet of design and manufacturing space in Navy Yard Building 128. Through a combination of traditional offices and co-working spaces, New Lab will encourage collaboration between design and fabrication, housing a unique mix of designers, digital manufacturers, architects, research facilities, and others. The facility is currently housing several companies at its Beta Space as the main facility completes renovations.

“We are thrilled to have Honeybee Robotics join our growing community of designers, engineers and entrepreneurs working across disciplines ranging from nanotechnology, additive manufacturing and robotics. The greatest resource of New Lab, beyond the tools and technology, is the diverse collection of innovators we are bringing together. Honeybee’s expertise in robotics is a stellar example,” said New Lab’s Scott Cohen.

“We are always thrilled to welcome new tenants to the Yard, particularly when they are focused on industries with growth potential. We look forward to Honeybee Robotics growing in the Yard, and bringing both innovation and jobs,” said David Ehrenberg, president and CEO of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Honeybee Robotics develops advanced robotic and electromechanical systems that operate in challenging environments, both in space and on Earth. Applications include solutions for space exploration, commercial spacecraft, energy exploration, defense, surgery, and infrastructure monitoring. The company maintains three offices across the United States, in New York, California, and Colorado. The New York facility develops intelligent and autonomous robotic systems for a variety of markets and applications. The Pasadena, CA office designs and builds exploration systems for planetary research and the mining and energy sectors. The Longmont, CO office develops high-performance mechanisms and electromechanical subsystems for the aerospace sector. Independent of the New York facility, the California and Colorado offices are growing in business and remain committed to their respective markets.