Packing More Capability into Small Satellites

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With NASA launching a record-breaking 33 CubeSats from the Space Station in February, it’s a good time to remember the value of small — and very small — satellites. With that in mind, consider the 2012 Space News article from Debra Werner

“The emerging, third-generation of cubesats has some operational utility, according to Andrew Kalman, Stanford University professor and president of San Francisco-based Pumpkin Inc. That utility will increase when cubesats offer higher power for onboard systems, improved communications and propulsion. Onboard propulsion will enable cubesats to move to higher orbits, conduct proximity operations and form constellations.

Honeybee is busy working on several technologies to deliver new capabilities for small satellites, from the world’s smallest solar array drive assembly, designed for CubeSats, to the cutting-edge TORC miniature control moment gyroscopes for smallsats.

Stay tuned for updates as these technologies develop and are deployed!