Nano Drill

Nano Drill

The Nano Drill is a novel rotary percussive coring drill that weighs less than 1 kg, designed for use by both robotic platforms and astronauts. The drill uses a novel method of core or powder acquisition suitable for acquiring samples of rock core, icy-soil or loose regolith.

The Nano Drill is a simple two-actuator drilling system designed to capture and retain 0.75-cm-diameter cores, ejecting rock cores from the hollow bit using the drill percussive system. For future robotic and human missions to Mars, the moon, asteroids, and other planetary bodies, acquiring core samples (as opposed to scooped samples or collected drill cuttings) are of particular interest. The Nano Drill offers a small, reliable tool to provide such capabilities.

A video of the Nano Drill is available to see this system in action.