Smart Blast Cone SamplerHoneybee Robotics develops technologies that enable new capabilities for remote access and in-situ monitoring in the mining, oil and gas sectors. We offer development services that address unmet needs of government agencies and companies, with systems that meet the challenges of robotic operations using reliable, straightforward designs.

We provide systems for autonomous drilling, automated sampling, in-situ analysis, geotechnical characterization and remote access. Our robotic systems provide reliable, efficient methods to boost performance, including automating dangerous tasks, gathering data, and improving operations.Pipe inspection robot

With over 20 years of experience developing sampling and geotechnical systems for planetary exploration, Honeybee Robotics knows how to create reliable, effective solutions. We strive to be the ideal development partner from early-stage design consulting through support in field deployment.

To learn how Honeybee Robotics can help your geotechnical project succeed, contact Kris Zacny and the Exploration Technology Group today.

Honeybee has developed a range of high-performance technologies for mining, oil and gas including:

  • Intelligent excavation systems
  • Autonomous drills and sampling systems
  • Embedded sensors and instruments
  • Data collection devices
  • Down-hole systems
  • Remote access platforms
  • Engineering for rugged, dirty environments
Our facilities are equipped with unique environment simulation chambers and we regularly field test our systems to ensure they will perform reliably in the most demanding conditions.