Honeybee Robotics provides NASA, international agencies and the private sector with advanced products and development services that enable high-performance space systems.

TORC Control Moment GyroscopesAssembly of a Twist CapsuleWe develop a range of satellite systems: from enabling technologies, to commercially available components, to electromechanical systems tailored to the constraints of a specific mission. In all cases, our contributions are designed to provide high performance in small, affordable packages.

Honeybee Robotics has extensive experience creating electromechanical systems to perform reliably in the harsh environment of space. We pride ourselves on developing efficient, tightly integrated products, often on accelerated schedules to meet mission-critical milestones. In over 25 years supporting space platforms, Honeybee has developed systems for:

Attitude determination and control
Power and signal transfer
Motors and actuators
Solar array deployment systems
End-effectors for manipulation
Docking and coupling systems

Our flight services include new product development, build-to-print manufacturing, and design consulting. We have the responsiveness to complete projects quickly, and the expertise to build complex components. Through decades of experience as a flight hardware supplier, we know how to build unique and reliable solutions around the constraints associated with space systems – mass, power, volume, reliability, and autonomy.

To learn how Honeybee Robotics can help your flight program succeed, contact Erik Mumm and the Flight Systems Group today.


  • Specification development & configuration management
  • Engineering cost, schedule & risk analysis


  • Solid modeling & 3D design
  • Static, dynamic & thermal FEA


  • Motor control electronics
  • Flight twist capsule & slip ring design
  • Analog & digital PCB design & layout


  • Embedded software and driver development
  • Data acquisition, processing & visualization tools


  • ISO9001 & AS9100C certified process qualification & control
  • Assembly in Class-100 & Class-10,000 clean environments


  • Full V&V planning & procedure development
  • Environmental testing (thermal-vac, vibe, and EMC/EMI)